Eva Wong Nava

Co-Assistant Regional Advisor
PAL Member


I was born on an island where a merlion spurts water. My ancestors braved monsoon winds sailing to British Malaya where some of them planted roots. When the winds changed, a few of them travelled again, this time to the western hemisphere, where they made a new home. I live at the intersection of East and West and am comfortable in both worlds. I call London home where I live with my family, two scampering squirrels and a regal fox. 


Busy Little Fingers ART

I Love Chinese New Year

The House of Little Sisters

Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali: The Accidental Doctor

Mina's Magic Malong

Sahara's Special Senses

Open - A Boy's Wayang Adventure

The Boy Who Talks in Bits and Bobs

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