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SCBWI connects you to the global children's book community. We provide access to resources, workshops, conferences, and networking opportunities. SCBWI also offers support, guidance, and advice, as well as a platform to showcase your work, gain recognition, and boost book sales.


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SCBWI Preview Plan

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As an SCBWI registered user, get limited access to profile functionality, resources, and community events.

Membership benefits

Professional Development

Get feedback about career-launching portfolios from industry professionals.

Awards & Grants

Expand your knowledge about the current state of children’s publishing.

Marketing and Promotion

Opportunities to promote yourself and your work.

Print and Online Resources

Level up your illustration skills and knowledge for no additional cost.

For Independently Published Authors

Publications and grants to help you publish your book.


Special offers for products and services for members only.

Premium Membership or Preview Plan - what's the difference?

We’re delighted you’ve decided SCBWI is important to your creative journey as a writer, illustrator, or translator.

There are two options for engaging with SCBWI:

Premium Membership (recommended)

All paying members are Premium Members and receive full, exclusive access to all SCBWI content. Premium members qualify for discounted registration rates for conferences, events, and other activities, including hundreds of programs hosted by SCBWI's worldwide network of regions. Premium member profiles display banners indicating their membership categories: Associate (pre-published, seeking first-time publication), Full (self-published), or PAL (the member's work has been published by a traditional publisher of books or magazines). 

Premium membership rates:

  • First-time Premium members join at the $99 rate, then may renew annually at the $85 rate.
  • Post-secondary students 18 and older may join or renew at the $25 level. Proof of current undergraduate or graduate-level enrollment must be presented at the time of signup and renewal.
  • Residents of Developing Nations (Least Developed Countries) may join and renew at the $50 level. This United Nations’ list defines these locations.

Preview Plan

Users of the website who register on and do not purchase annual membership have limited access to public content only, including our podcast, our YouTube channel, and our blog.

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