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Torran Anderson has published over fifty books and created the environmental story app, Earth Day Carol. Torran’s YA novel-in-verse, Piñata Moon, won the NM AZ Book Prize for poetry and the Paterson Prize for Books for Young People. For over twenty-five years, Torran has worked on environmental projects. Torran developed environmental education programs for the Environmental Education Exchange, social justice programs as the Director of the Legacy of Japanese Incarceration Project, and peacebuilding projects at the Bridge Guard Residency in Slovakia. He founded Germination Games and is piloting a collaborative storytelling game called Story Grow: To collaborate on a project contact him at


Piñata Moon

The Pirate Substitute

Sister Daisy, Sister Rose

Mongo's Migration

Statues in the Ice

Noni's Newspaper

The Hungry Goat

Statues in the Sand

A Place Called Home

The Big Game

Earth Day Carol

Why I'm Late Today

Lost Cities

Amazing Beaches

Alia and the Furniture Troll

The Butterfly Life Cycle

Tiny Tugboat

The Parade

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Roadside Oddities

Looking for Bigfoot

Landfills: What a Load of Garbage!

Creature Constitution

Vampire Dentist

Brother Messy, Brother Neat

Where's the Joey?

Luna Has Nothing to Wear

Grounded to Earth

Broken Arm Blues

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