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I am an artist and illustrator based in Reno, Nevada. I create fun illustrations that evoke adventure and my love of nature. I also enjoy spending my days cycling, hiking and swimming in rivers with my two small children. I love hearing and creating stories about harmonious human-nature interactions, and naughty children! Originally from Europe (the Basque Country, France and the United Kingdom), I received an MA in Social Anthropology from Edinburgh University, and a PhD in Social and Political Sciences from the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. I trained as a naturalist and realist portrait painter at the Charles Cecil Studios and the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, and with the Arauco Foundation in Madrid, Spain. I was an academic for several years, teaching and researching on art and politics. Art already played an important role then as a mode of research and expression. I've shown my work in galleries internationally including, in the USA, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Austin.



What Amatxi Whispered (Basque: Zer xuxurlatu didan Amatxik)

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