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Winter Conference 2024 FAQ

Is registration open?

Registration opens on Tuesday, October 24th at 10am PACIFIC Time for the IN-PERSON Conference and on Tuesday, November 7 at 10am PACIFIC Time for the VIRTUAL Conference.

I have registered for the In-Person Winter Conference. Where do I find the discount code for $25 off the price of the Virtual Winter Conference?

Go to MEMBER HOME > RESOURCES and click on "Winter In-Person Conference 2024 Coupon Codes, Handouts, and Materials". Registration for the Virtual Winter Conference opens on November 7th.

How do I add a consultation or the portfolio showcase to my registration for the In-Person Conference?

Make sure you are logged on to the site. Go the Winter Conference page and hit the Register button. The registration form will show you everything you are already registered for and allow you add the portfolio showcase or a consultation. After selecting the sessions you want to add, you will then be directed to the payment page.

How do I switch which Creative Lab I've registered for?

Go to your Member Home and click on the Events icon. Scroll down to the session you'd like to change. Click the 3 dots in the corner and click on "unregister selection." Return to the conference registration page to make your new selection. Please watch this video for a walkthrough:

How do I apply for one of the conference scholarships?

Click on your MEMBER HOME. Click the AWARDS icon at the top and then scroll down to find the box for the scholarship you want to apply for. Click on the SUBMIT button. (Note: At this time, scholarship winners have been chosen and contacted directly.)

How can I submit my work to conference faculty?

Attendees who register for the manuscript or portfolio consultations will be able to show their work to an agent or editor. Due to the large number of conference attendees, we cannot provide submission guidelines for the main conference faculty. That said, sometimes agents or editors will provide them during their sessions. The conference is an excellent opportunity to hear from children’s book editors and agents and get clear on the types of books they represent. If you feel an agent or editor is a good match for your manuscript or artwork, you may research their submission guidelines and query them if they are open to unsolicited submissions.

What is your refund policy?

Full refunds (minus a $70 cancellation fee and a $5 processing fee) are given up until January 20, 2024 for the IN-PERSON Conference and up until February 2, 2024 for the VIRTUAL Conference. There are NO refunds for the Portfolio Showcase, or any Consultations. To request a refund, please email:

How will I get my Zoom links to the Virtual Conference?

Links to all your virtual sessions will be accessible by clicking the Events icon on your Member Home page. The links will be under Meeting Info buttons. Please watch this video for a walkthrough:

I have to miss all or part of the VIRTUAL conference. Where and when can I watch the recordings?

Video recordings will be available to view 48 hours after they end. You can access the recordings under MEMBER HOME > RESOURCES. Attendees will have access to the videos of all keynotes, panels, all three Creative Labs and the Piranha Pit for 30 days.

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