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THANK YOU for being a part of Austin SCBWI!

The generosity of our membership makes our chapter so special and as we all know, time is our most valuable resource. Fabulous volunteers giving their time allows Austin SCBWI to offer critique groups, co-working, book clubs, workshops, events and ongoing opportunities so you can improve your craft and build your careers.

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Volunteering is one of the best ways to get involved with your chapter, meet other members, and connect with fellow children’s book authors and illustrators. We have fun, learn together, and have the satisfaction of giving back. But that’s not all! There are also perks!

Austin SCBWI volunteers:

• are eligible for the Meredith Davis Volunteer of the Year Award, including one year’s free SCBWI membership

• are invited to a special Volunteer/Faculty Party the night before our annual conference, along with all the event’s faculty.

• get the first choice on free-attendance volunteer spots for the annual conference and other Austin SCBWI events.

• get coupons for discounts for Austin SCBWI events (50% off for most)

• and twice a year, two volunteers are nominated for the SCBWI Tribute Fund Award, which gives winners an all-expenses-paid trip to either the SCBWI Winter Conference in New York or SCBWI Summer Conference in Los Angeles. (Winners are decided by SCBWI HQ from nominated volunteers around the world.) Past local participants include Christopher S. Jennings and Marsha Riti.

Our Volunteer Positions

Check out the types of ways you can get involved below. The time commitment for most volunteers averages 3 to 4 hours each month, with some months being more, others less. (Volunteering is only available to current SCBWI members.)

Volunteer Coordinator – maintains volunteer roster, assists with recruitment for ongoing volunteer vacancies, schedules volunteers for events and communicates with volunteers about event discounts.

Meet-up Coordinator – point of contact for members looking for a critique or co-working group, communicates with group moderators about meeting dates and locations, assists with moderating if needed.

Critique Group Moderators – schedules and attends meetings for their critique group, facilitates time keeping, organization, etc., while offering support and encouragement to critique group attendees. Annually submits meeting dates to events editor for the events calendar.

Member Interviews Coordinator – interviews members for the chapter website on a monthly basis, working with the RA/ARA/IC on the list of upcoming members.

Social Media – promotes Austin SCBWI events and member events on the Austin SCBWI calendar via the chapter’s social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Checks the calendar at least once a week and schedules multiple posts for maximum attendance.

Chapter News Reporter – posts news from Austin SCBWI members on the chapter’s website.

Events Editor – updates events calendar with critique and co-working group meetings, as well as member book launches and other events.

Chapter Event Reporter – attends Austin SCBWI’s monthly meetings and selected events, then posts a brief report on the chapter website.

Newsletter Editor – builds the monthly e-newsletter based on a template, providing news about upcoming events and learning opportunities, for distribution the week before each monthly meeting.

Membership Coordinator – on a monthly basis, sends welcome letter to new members and contacts members whose membership has lapsed.

Graphics Designer – creates graphics for chapter use, including conference materials, sliders that appear on the chapter website and other designs as needed.

Website Manager – checks chapter website to keep pages current and timely, including coordinating with the Events Editor, Member Interviews Coordinator and Chapter News Reporter.

Webinar Coordinator – coordinates with webinar presenters and attendees before and after the event (for critiques, etc) and moderates the webinar, including introducing the speaker and assisting attendees.

Book Club Moderators – posts questions and moderates discussion in the chapter’s private Facebook groups for picture book, middle grade and young adult book club groups.

Social Coordinator – organizes opportunities for members to network and socialize on a quarterly basis.

Facebook Watercooler Moderator – moderates discussion and approves new members for Austin SCBWI’s Facebook Watercooler private group.

Scholarship Coordinator – collects applications for scholarships awarded by Austin SCBWI, checks formatting and eligibility before forwarding to appropriate selection committee.

Betty X Davis Award Coordinator – coordinates with local youth organization charged with selecting Betty X Davis Award recipients from students enrolled in their program.

PAL Coordinator – helps to coordinate opportunities for PAL members, including events like the Texas Book Festival and TLA convention, as well as connecting with librarians, booksellers, and other PAL members. SCBWI HQ has a listserv where PAL Coordinators around the world can connect and share ideas.

Library Outreach – creates newsletter for librarians to share news and information from PAL members.

Readathon Coordinator – communicates with PAL members and other volunteers involved with the Readathon program. Also communicates with librarians about the program.

Conference Critique Coordinator – collects conference critiques, checks for formatting, forwards files to critiquers, creates schedule for face-to-face meetings at the conference.

Conference Silent Auction Coordinator – works with a committee to gather auction donations from members and businesses and coordinates the auction at the annual conference.

Illustrator Committee – coordinates with the chapter’s Illustrator Coordinator to design programming and opportunities for illustrators.

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