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The Big Feelings Picture Book Workshop: Transforming Your Past Into Reader's Futures with Melissa Manlove

Creative Lab Description

Children’s emotional lives are as big and as rich as adults—and they need stories that honor that and help them to navigate these essentially human experiences. But many authors shy away from putting big feelings into their stories—or get bogged down in recounting exactly what they have experienced or witnessed. In this 2-hour workshop, we’ll explore ways to re-envision lived experience, and push an individual anecdote into a powerful, relatable, entertaining story that moves and delights, and speaks to many readers. This intensive will be most productive for participants who bring a completed rough draft of a picture book manuscript or a partial draft that is well underway. Please bring your work-in-progress either on your device or printed double-spaced with wide margins to allow for notes. For writing exercises during the workshop, bring a laptop or a notebook, pen or pencil. Bring your WIP for this playful mix of lecture, read-aloud, individual work and group work, and leave with your pockets full of new ideas, connections, and inspiration!

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