If I Got Some Headache Relief Then Maybe I’d Be More Productive

As I was filling up my mug with hot coffee in the break room, I reminded myself that this would be the last cup I poured myself this morning, I was trying to cut back. I walked back to my desk and took a glance at my email and saw that my boss had already responded with some revisions that he wanted me to make to a couple of my proposals. The guy wasn’t objective at all, he just liked be right and would make me change things because he thought that they sounded better. It was annoying and another variable in an equation that equals a migraine headache, sometimes several times a week, depending on my sleep. It was ridiculous, I was so tired on a daily basis that anything beyond the bare necessities in life, didn’t get tended to at all because all I did was work and sleep. Half the time that I was awake though, I had to do something to provide myself with some headache relief, so if a couple Excedrin didn’t help then I’d often feel nauseous and nothing sounded better than lying on the cold, concrete floor in the utility closet, where it was dark and silent. I’d disappear to the closet for a couple hours at a time on a weekly basis when my headaches were really bad and if I woke up and it wasn’t any better then I’d go home.headache relief

My sister provided me with some information about a headache clinic nearby that specialized in providing natural migraine relief, she gave me a brochure that she picked up at a company health fair. They essentially attacked the physical causes of headaches which are often related to jaw misalignment, poor sleep, stress, diet and in some cases, weak neck muscles. They didn’t prescribe narcotics or habit-forming drugs of any kind and they said that even after just one visit, I’d have a headache relief plan in place. My boss was giving me grief about trying to get time off to set an appointment but I was going to just had to tell him that I need to go, if he had any idea how much time I spent in the utility closet on his dime, he’d go bonkers. If he simply let go of his little power trip then I could get some migraine relief and I’d be a hell of a lot more productive. Just then, another email came through from my boss with a list of suggestions for some changes to some irrelevant verbiage in the proposal, I copied and pasted them into the proposal and removed the language that was there before and sent it right back to him. There was a part of me that wanted to take naps in the utility closet anyway, even after I get this headache situation under control. I knew that was a passive-aggressive thought but dealing with this guy head-on wouldn’t be a good idea, he was your typical alpha-male who, if nothing else, wanted to win for the sake of winning, no matter the prize.

2 kids and 1 husband in braces

I never thought I would see the day that my husband went ahead and had the braces put on his teeth. He has been avoiding it for most of his life, but now that our two children need them, he has finally decided to take the plunge and do it with them. They don’t know that he already needed them, they just think that he is doing it so that they don’t have to do it alone. Which really is a wonderful thing for him to do for them.  Both of the children really didn’t want to get the braces, and they really fought us on it. They were afraid that no one would like them any more, that people would laugh at them and they would not be able to smile in class from here on out. They just thought that they would be bullied at school because they thought that braces weren’t for the cool kids. But dad and I did our best to convince them that wasn’t the case, and that most people have to get braces, and that it makes their teeth much more perfect and they will thank us later and be happy about doing it when they have straight teeth. But when we were at our whits end and had run out of arguments, my husband realized that if he did it, then the kids would do it too. They were looking to him for a reaction on braces, and they knew that he had always avoided them. Of course, none of those things they were afraid of were in any way true, and braces aren’t painful and they are hardly even noticed by other people. It was just a fear that they had. So, my husband went in to the orthodontist office and had the braces put on his teeth, and he told him that it should be the same schedule as the kids. They were so surprised, they didn’t know how to react. Really their only option was to go ahead and do what the orthodontist suggested and get braces. So now they all have them, and they are all realizing that it really isn’t any different with them than it was without them. Life is the same, and their teeth are being fixed in the process. They will no longer have to deal with crooked front teeth, and the roots of their teeth are going to grow in straight so they won’t have to worry about any ill effects from that either. In a year or two, their peers at school will still be getting braces put on and they will be done with it forever, they will have fixed teeth. And my husband will finally have a straight smile as well, one that he has avoided for all these years. But it was so great that he did, because now he can share this with his kids and they have something that has really bonded them together, their aversion to and their need for braces.


Technology Will Continue to Improve

I had a phase in high school in which I was all about getting back to what I thought were “simpler times”. I would look back at whatever the pioneers or cowboys did, and thought that this was a model for simpler living. I became a little disillusioned with this when my father asked me what the cowboys would have done about braces. It certainly seems a little unappealing, to say the least. Technology is a wonderful thing that allows us to (eventually) use fewer resources to do better things by constructing smart machines. And orthodontics has been a recipient of these innovations. The technology used in orthodontics has made the process cheaper, more comfortable, and shortened the duration of the process. Braces are now more accessible to other people that could not previously access them. As the systems that we use in orthodontics improve, we have to use fewer resources throughout the process. This means that it is ultimately cheaper. If it is cheaper for the doctors and staff, then they can afford to sell their services at a cheaper price. The result of this is that more people are able to access braces than ever before. This means that more children have the opportunity to have straight, healthy teeth later in life. It also means that more adults that did not have the opportunity as a child are able to get braces put on in their later years. They still have the opportunity to have neat, symmetric teeth. Adults wearing braces is a pretty common procedure nowadays. Gone are the days of only teens wearing braces. Another way that technology has improved (and will continue to improve) orthodontics is by making it more comfortable. Invisalign braces is a great example of an innovation that has made braces more comfortable socially and physically. Invisalign is a form of braces that are transparent and set across the face of the teeth not unlike a mouth guard would. This means, first, that people can hardly notice them. While everyone should have stoic resolve and not give a single care about what others think about the appearance of their teeth, we live in the real world. And these are great for those of us that do care that we have a large, metallic contraption in our mouths. For us, invisalign is great. But it is also more comfortable. Think about about the gap between the comfortable of invisalign braces and whatever was used back in the pioneer days. I think that this underscores the point that different technologies work together in creating the machinery of modernity. And this machinery ultimately makes our lives more comfortable and easier. But it also lightens the demand put upon resources that we used to do our activities. By creating smart machines that increase efficiency, we can find new and creative ways to do more with less. And in an age of economic strain and environmental crisis, we can use all of the technological innovations that we can get our hands on, even in orthodontics.


Industrial pipe fabrication is a tedious process.

When I started to do research on these types of manufacturing processes, I stumbled upon a YouTube video of pipe fabrication in a developing country.  It may have been Cambodia where I have spent an extended period of time.  Nevertheless, in watching this video of pipe fabrication, what really sticks out to me is the slow process through which many of the workers have to go to make a single section of pipe.  They have to load up a giant and heavy piece of steel sheet metal that is then loaded into a machine that is able to bend it into the shape of a big pipe.  The workers are then able to weld the remaining open section of the pipe together to close it off.  It seems like a pretty simple process, but I think in reality it has to be really slow and tedious.  In the video, it took at least fifteen minutes for them to make a single section of pipe and when you consider that there were probably ten people helping out with this one project, you have to imagine that if a big order were to come in that it would take a lot of time for this factory to finish the order.  With this in mind, I think that there is a lot of opportunity from a developing country prospective to look at the improvement of the pipe fabrication process.  This would allow for these very big projects to be done a lot faster than they could have hoped for otherwise.  I also think that this is a great opportunity for people to realize that there is a lot of investment that needs to be done to ensure that these developing countries have the capacity for all of the work that needs to be done.  I really do hope that in the future these countries will be able to look back and see that for all of the projects that they did, they were able to support a native industrial construction company and not one of the many international firms out there.  I also think that for these companies that are looking to tap into one of the various pipe bending fabrication processes that they also look at some of the associated business models and see that there is opportunity for growth when you factor in all of the various tools and processes that are involved in pipe bending.  I really hope that this is something that will take off soon and leave the countries like Cambodia leaving the way in development and growth.  I am positive that if they are able to get adequate coverage from the ground floor of their construction needs up through their ability to contract out to their neighboring countries that they will be doing quite all right.  The one big question that remains in my head is whether they will be able to do this for the next twenty years and into the future.  Once they accomplish that they should be set for the slow march through development.

pipe bending fabrication

Popular Diamond Ring Settings

When choosing diamond rings, it is helpful to know the different ring settings and how it will affect the ring’s over-all beauty. The setting itself can be the deciding factor for your purchase as much as the 4Cs if pure aesthetics or adornment is your main or sole purpose for the purpose, with no investment component.

The main objective of any ring setting is to help show off the diamond by allowing the maximum amount of light to get captured by the diamond so it will sparkle as much as possible.

Diamond Rings

Designer Engagement Rings

The most popular ring settings one can choose from are:

  • Prong setting;
  • V-prong setting;
  • Bezel setting;
  • Channel setting;
  • Pave setting;

Prong Setting

This setting is most often preferred and used in solitaire settings. The prong setting is best used for diamonds which have lots of sparkle as it puts more emphasis on the stone itself and not the ring metal.

It takes great care to balance between putting the right amount of metal to make the diamond stone secure, but at the same time allow more surface area of the diamond to get exposed to the light for maximum brilliance.

Very thin metal wires of either platinum or gold are used to secure the diamond in its place. Raising the stone high above the shank gives it more prominence in the whole ring setting. This setting is most often used on engagement rings.

V-Prong Setting

A variation of the prong setting is the V-prong setting. It is generally like the prong setting except that the prongs it used appear like a V-shape when viewed from above. This setting is used for Princess Cut stones or pear-shaped diamonds. The V-prong provides protection to the points or corners of those shapes so it will not get chipped. This setting allows maximum exposure to the stone.

Bezel Setting

In a bezel setting, the precious metal wraps around the gem like a collar. The metal sits atop the stone so the whole ring has more height and dimension. If the precious metal wraps around only half or a portion of the diamond, it is called a half bezel.

Half-bezel settings gives the whole ring a modern look and actually looks better when used on stones with fancy cuts.

Channel Setting

Channel settings are used on round diamonds. It is best used for wedding rings, with or without a center stone. In this setting, there are small spaces in between stones especially when the stones are rounded. This setting protects the stones from chipping as the edges are not exposed.

A slight variation of this setting is the bar channel setting. In the bar channel setting, the height of the metal plate is higher than the height of the stone, which can look strikingly beautiful if there is significant contrast between the diamond and the precious metal.

Pave Setting

Imagine a quaint European street covered with cobblestones. That is how a ring with pave setting looks like. The ring surface will be decked with tiny diamonds as if it is paved with it, hence, the name.

In this setting, the stones are placed in a row over small holes that are drilled on the metal ring. It is essential that the stones should be of the same size and should be placed without touching each other. Metal bits are injected into the ring shank to help hold the stones in place. Meticulous care, talent, skill, and experience is demanded from the jeweller when this setting is used.

You will most likely find rings with these settings in almost all jewelry stores.

LED panels bring most to concert experience

If you are looking to take your touring experience to the next level, one of the best ways to make the concert experience infinitely better for your audience is to add a LED screen to your show. LED screens have combined some of the best technology out there to allow clear, bright and undoubtedly stunning pictures and designs to the background of your performance. LEDs provide the brightest and most vivid picture and the LED screens can be designed to fit any size so no matter if you are playing smaller venues or large arenas you can find something to fit your exact specifications. If you are going between a variety of different sized venues it is also possible to attach a number of smaller LED display screens together and achieve a larger scale screen. Most LED screens are designed for both indoor as well as outdoor use as well so they can easily go between any concert venue without worries. The screens are also light and flexible which makes them easy to transport while on the road. Four panels can fold together and fit into a single road case.

LED screensThe panels and screens are also quite easy to set up and many companies even have screens with a quick lock system which not only makes the process of hanging them up easier, but safer and with less worry about expensive accidents. The whole thing is also ran by a single control unit so whoever is running the system can quickly and easily switch between different images and controlling the panels individually or as a single unit. The LED panels and screens can either be set up behind the band to add fun, crazy, trippy background images or set up above or to the side of the band to ensure that even the people in the very back can get a great and up close view of the band. One of the coolest uses of LED screens that I have personally seen is when Radiohead used them on their tour last year. Instead of being put together in a single shape they were hanging from different levels and different angles, sometimes shifting directions but all with a common design. Having them move around in particular gave an amazing effect to stage.

LED screens also have the added benefit of showing up in pictures when the audience goes home and posts all of their photos and videos of the concert online, they will be sharp and clear, showing the full beauty of the concert rather than the band with a weird, fuzzy mess in the background that no one on YouTube can decipher. This becomes especially important if you are using any footage of the concerts for music videos, promotional videos or any sort of video that follows the tour. If people are going to watch, and especially to pay for, any of your recorded material, it has to be of the highest quality possible. LED panels are so versatile that there isn’t anything you can’t do with this cool technology.

Versatility Matters In Heating and Air Conditioning

In the summers in between my college years, I worked as a repairman. We had a huge heating and air conditioning systems that needed constant babying in the sweltering heat of Indiana summers. I was the nanny to these heating and cooling systems. As the in-house repairman, I was able to perform some of the basic repairs and maintenance operations for the heating and cooling system, but it got complicated. Air conditioning repair can be an infinitely complex endeavor, depending on how much precision you want to apply to a given air conditioning unit. Because I was just a college kid trying to make a few bucks in the summers, I was far from an expert. Thus, I became fast friend with the local heating and cooling company in our town. While the industry has two elements in the name (‘heating’ and ‘cooling’), I learned from those summers that it is far more that just two simple things. There are a lot moving parts when it comes to these machines. That is why it is a handy thing to have a good relationship with a heating and cooling company that can do it all. Find a company that is versatile enough to work on any and all heating and cooling systems. You are going to be happy if you find your Jack-of-all-Trades company. Heating and cooling systems are usually lumped together because, from it outside, it seems that they both deal with temperature regulation indoors. And in one way of looking at things, they have some similarities and overlaps. But when you get down into the details, they are quite distinct systems. Even different heating systems function differently. Some use Freon. Some use coils. Some use refrigerant. It can be quite complex. When you find a repair company that has been in the industry for a long time, they will be able to navigate all of the different systems, no matter the model or year. In terms of research and development, we have made huge jumps in terms of understanding how our technology has an impact upon the environment. The way that we used to make cars or run air conditioning units were found to be bad for the environment. While it is a good thing that these discoveries were made, it also means that we changed the way that heating and cooling systems run. That means that just about every year, the design of these systems is tweaked a bit. A versatile repair company ought to be able to understand and fix whatever you throw at them. I know that I certainly had to rely on a versatile company during those summers. Half of our building had been added on to years later. That meant that even on the same building, we had two vastly different heating and cooling systems. But I made it through those summers with the help of a heating and cooling repair company that knew the industry, had years of experience, and understood the technology well enough to navigate even the most confounding dither.

heating and cooling systems

Are You In Need Of Headache Relief?

natural migraine headache relief There may be no worse pain in this world then the pain that comes when you have a headache. No matter the severity of the headache or when it occurs it seems that this is one of the most debilitating and awful pains that our bodies can experience and that is why it is important to know all of the options that are available when it comes to headache relief. There are a lot of different categories and classifications when it comes to headaches and they all have unique and specific characteristics that are associated with them. No matter what type of headache is being experienced, however, all of them have one common denominator and that is pain.

One of the most painful headaches is one that is called a migraine headache which is a sub type of a broader category of headaches called cluster headaches. What makes a migraine headache different from a “regular” headache is that these unilateral headaches often cause extreme pain that is unlike any other. People who suffer from migraine headaches can get them at any time and they can be brought on by a variety of different situations and scenarios. A migraine headache is often associated with a sensitivity to light and noise and may also cause a person to fill ill and nauseous. The side effects of a migraine headache are much more severe than a normal everyday headache. Most people are able to naturally relieve a common headache with, say, the pressure from a warm cloth pressed against their face (which is what I do when I get a sinus headache) or by massaging a pressure point on their body. People are also able to relieve common headaches by taking an over the counter pain reliever that goes into effect, usually, within an hour or so and then are able to go on with their day and with their lives. People who suffer from migraine headaches, however, are not as lucky and unfortunately their treatment options are not as simple. There are medications that can help ease the pain of a migraine headache but usually these take a little while to kick in and need to be taken before the extreme pain of a migraine headache takes over. These medications, however effective, only help in the short term though and are not designed to treat or cure migraine headaches in a  person. There are, fortunately, other  techniques and natural cluster headaches treatments that are available to people, you just need to know where to go to get them. One place that people can go to help get relief and hopefully treat their migraine and cluster headaches is the Richmond Headache Clinic in Kentucky. This clinic is dedicated to treating and easing the pain of cluster headaches and migraine headaches using all natural techniques and processes and treatments that do not include narcotics at all. These natural treatments have proved effective in many patients who suffer from all different types of headaches and this clinic has helped people suffering from migraines and cluster headaches move on with their lives and not allow their medical condition to control them. The natural migraine headache relief options that the Richmond Headache Clinic is offering are some of the best around.