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Have a passion to create for children? Got goals? Questions? SCBWI-NT is here to help. For many of us, carving out time to write, illustrate, or translate can be a challenge. We’ve got jobs, kids, partners, parents, and commitments. We rarely feel we have enough time to do all we long to do. We can help you set goals, and meet them. We can help open doors—personal and professional—so you can be the creative person you long to be. Our goal at SCBWI-NT is to grow our creative community and help each other flourish. Take the leap and join us!


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Our team

Our Team

Marie Sontag
Regional Advisor
Kelli McKinney
Assistant Regional Advisor
Rajashi Ghosh
Illustrator Coordinator
Gayle Veitenheimer
Author, Other

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Becoming a translator

Translation: Some Frequently Asked Questions, by Avery Udagawa

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