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Louise Schroeder grew up on a large family farm near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Throughout her 20's she worked as a nurse, and during that time she avoided the long cold winters by traveling to warmer climes throughout the world. Her travels brought unforgettable adventures and inspired her to share those experiences through her art. She was self-taught for most of her career until 2017 when she took a fine arts class in Austin. Louise works primarily with acrylics on watercolor paper and has shown her work in numerous art shows in Canada and the United States. She has created stage designs, murals, posters, and illustrated a textbook for Saskatchewan schools. She was the visual creator and illustrator for the award-winning children's book series THE BLUES GO BIRDING and was the illustrator for MY FAMILY FOREVER (previously titled GONE CUCKOO). Louise has three wonderful daughters and one granddaughter. She is enjoying country living with her 10 bantam chickens near Austin.



Gone Cuckoo

The Blues Go Extreme Birding

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