LED panels bring most to concert experience

If you are looking to take your touring experience to the next level, one of the best ways to make the concert experience infinitely better for your audience is to add a LED screen to your show. LED screens have combined some of the best technology out there to allow clear, bright and undoubtedly stunning pictures and designs to the background of your performance. LEDs provide the brightest and most vivid picture and the LED screens can be designed to fit any size so no matter if you are playing smaller venues or large arenas you can find something to fit your exact specifications. If you are going between a variety of different sized venues it is also possible to attach a number of smaller LED display screens together and achieve a larger scale screen. Most LED screens are designed for both indoor as well as outdoor use as well so they can easily go between any concert venue without worries. The screens are also light and flexible which makes them easy to transport while on the road. Four panels can fold together and fit into a single road case.

LED screensThe panels and screens are also quite easy to set up and many companies even have screens with a quick lock system which not only makes the process of hanging them up easier, but safer and with less worry about expensive accidents. The whole thing is also ran by a single control unit so whoever is running the system can quickly and easily switch between different images and controlling the panels individually or as a single unit. The LED panels and screens can either be set up behind the band to add fun, crazy, trippy background images or set up above or to the side of the band to ensure that even the people in the very back can get a great and up close view of the band. One of the coolest uses of LED screens that I have personally seen is when Radiohead used them on their tour last year. Instead of being put together in a single shape they were hanging from different levels and different angles, sometimes shifting directions but all with a common design. Having them move around in particular gave an amazing effect to stage.

LED screens also have the added benefit of showing up in pictures when the audience goes home and posts all of their photos and videos of the concert online, they will be sharp and clear, showing the full beauty of the concert rather than the band with a weird, fuzzy mess in the background that no one on YouTube can decipher. This becomes especially important if you are using any footage of the concerts for music videos, promotional videos or any sort of video that follows the tour. If people are going to watch, and especially to pay for, any of your recorded material, it has to be of the highest quality possible. LED panels are so versatile that there isn’t anything you can’t do with this cool technology.