Karen Grencik



Karen Grencik became a literary agent because of a man she admired. She wanted the world to know his story, so she set out to make that happen. In 2001 she accomplished her goal when Double Luck, Memoirs of a Chinese Orphan, written by Lu Chi Fa with Becky White, was published by Holiday House. Karen joined forces with Abigail Samoun in 2011 to open Red Fox Literary, LLC, a boutique agency that specializes in children's books for all ages. Karen primarily represents primarily picture books, but she's open to any story that will teach her a new way to approach life or a new understanding of others' experiences. When she gets the chills at the end of a story, she knows it's for her. Karen lives with her sweetheart Henry, two dogs, a cat, and a horse on the Central Coast of California.

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