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I am an adjunct professor of Children's Literature at University of Central Florida and have been an elementary classroom teacher with Orange County Public Schools for 25 years. I am a frequent presenter at Teacher Professional Development Workshops and at local and national Reading Conferences. My first children's book was published in 2009.  Saving Home is a middle grades historical fiction novel, set in St. Augustine, Florida during the Siege of 1702.  The book was featured at the Florida Heritage Book Festival in 2009 and the University of Central Florida Book Festival in 2011.  The Florida Historical Society published my second book in 2017. Another Middle Grades Historical Fiction novel, Forcing Change is set in Florida during the Civil Rights struggles of 1963-64. Based on meticulous research, the historically accurate events are told through the eyes of a fictitious 15 year old. Forcing Change earned the FHS 2018 James J. Horgan Award for an outstanding publication which promotes the study of Florida history and heritage, intended for younger readers. My third children's book, Flower Power, was published in Dec. 2019.  A middle grades, contemporary novel, this book was published by Taylor and Seale Publishers. The sequel- Flower Power 2 Friendship Rules, was published in 2022. 


Flower Power 2: Friendship Rules

Flower Power

Forcing Change

Saving Home

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