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Storyteller Joann Frasier Dasent, known as Auntie Jo Jo holds an MA degree in the Oral Traditions from The Graduate Institute located in Bethany, Connecticut. She is the founder of Regenerating Our Offspring Through Stories, In.c whose mission is to use the art of storytelling, in order to reach the various types of learners in a multicultural society. Auntie Jo Jo is involved in the teaching and re-telling of folk, familial and traditional fables and stories. Her revised Aesop fable, A Farmer, His Son and Their Mule, was first published by the National Association of Black Storytellers in their first anthology Sayin' Something'. She is also a member of the AARP Experience Corp. READ by 4th, in which she visits Philadelphia Public schools as a part of their MEET THE AUTHOR series. Auntie Jo Jo is grateful for receiving the Pennsylvania Council on The Arts Folk 2017-2018 Traditional Arts and Apprenticeship with Master Artist Linda Goss. Mama Linda introduced her to the late Diane Wolkstein's book "The Cool Ride in The Sky" that inspired her to write "A Cool Windy Day On Table Mountain." Auntie Jo Jo made it half way up Table Mountain on a cool windy day while visiting Cape Town, South Africa in December 2017. She was also inspired to include the song "Straighten Up and Fly Right" by the late Nate King Cole who heard the story by his father, and Baptist minister in Montgomery, Alabama.


A Cool Windy Day On Table Mountain

A Farmer, His Son and Their Mule

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