Jerry Bennett

U.S. Illustrator Coordinator
PAL Member


Jerry is a graphic novelist focused on middle grade graphic novels, currently drawing my co-creator-owned comic, Glamorella's Daughter, with writer Charles J. Martin. Also writing several middle grade graphic novels in the hopes to be published. He also freelances as an illustrator and art director. Held several art residencies displaying and teaching comic art and the process of creating comics. Jerry also teaches comic creating workshops all over, for schools, vo-techs and libraries. He is available for author/illustrator visits. He recently won 2023 SCBWI Narrative Art Award. Jerry was the former SCBWI OK/AR Illustrator Coordinator of 12 years, and now serves as SCBWI's Global U.S. Illustrator Coordinator.



Glamorella's Daughter Volume 1

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