How Industrial Construction Companies Can Go Green

Going green can be beneficial for your business and for the planet that we live in. Simple steps can translate to great effects. Here are the simple ways your company can start your eco friendly efforts.

pipe fabrication

going eco-friendly in a fabrication plant

  1. When not in use, always turn off equipments. No matter what company you have, you are using up energy in one way or another. Whether it is one pipe fabrication equipment on standby or a computer system in the background it is unnecessarily using up energy. Turning these off is good for the environment and helpful for your company’s energy usage too.
  2. Involve everyone in your environmentally conscious efforts. It is not enough for one department or just the upper management to be eco friendly. Environmental concern is not exclusive. Make sure eco friendly measures are observed all throughout your company. Every person counts. The more people that are in the effort, the more encouraged all of your teams will be. Promote team work and mutual accountability to make sure that the measures you are doing remain long term.
  3. Face to face meetings and emails are some of the best ways to communicate. Technology has made much advancement in the way we communicate. Phone meetings, live chats and video conferences are just some of the ways companies talk to one another. Although, these are extremely useful tools, sometimes they can be an unnecessary way to spend energy. Encourage brainstorming and meetings in greener forms. Do face to face meetings when able. Substitute printed notices with email communication.
  4. Every industry, whether you are in industrial construction companies or if you work at a restaurant, needs water to operate. Unfortunately, water is one of the most wasted commodities that companies use. Changing your company’s habits include paying conscious attention to everything you use. This can be as simple as turning the tap completely off after use or using motion sensors in the toilets for water. Every effort counts.
  5. Always use greener products. A usual office has uses paper, folders and other office supplies. It may not always be possible to keep transactions as paperless as possible but always make sure to skimp on paper and other supplies when possible. Also make sure that your office is getting paper supply with the maximum recyclable content. Search for local suppliers so you also save energy that is otherwise spent on shipping. Go green and go local.
  6. Always recycle. You may already be recycling at homes. However, make sure that you extend this habit to your office. Equip your employees with the right resources for recycling. One of the easiest steps is through placing recyclable bins everywhere. Also place recyclable trays for paper that can still be re used. This is not only healthy for the environment; it is also healthy for your company’s trash expense.
  7. Take small steps. The best way to build a habit is to take small but consistent steps. This is true for all organizations whether you are dealing with large industries such as pipe fabricators and glass manufacturers or even if you are small and quaint like a local bakery. Small steps can give you big results.

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