Diana Delosh

Author, Illustrator
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Diana Ting Delosh is an illustrator/writer, primarily in children's publishing and related fields. She is represented by Lynnette Novak of The Seymour Agency.    Illustration Clients include: Pearson, Mascot Books, Farfaria, Dover Publications, Harcourt Achieve, Inkwell, Scott Foresman, Ladybug Magazine. Her writing has been published by Highlights/High Five and Ladybug magazines.   Awards: Highlights High Five 2008 Pewter Plate for Puzzle Poem of the Year - Bubble Trouble, July. SCBWI 2002 Magazine Merit Honor Award for Illustration - In the Garden, Ladybug, June.



Elinor's Glad-To-be-Together Family

The Ruth Adventures, Best Friends Forever

The Ruth Adventures, Life on the Farm

The Hero of Hawk's Nest Beach, A Sea Turtle Rescue Story

A House for Wren

Once Upon A Midnight

Lily & Company

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