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5 tips to lose fear of the dentist

Some patients have such a phobia to the dentist that they have not visited it in years, and it is not a child thing. The reasons are mainly panic to the needles, fear that the treatment will hurt or reject the sounds and smells of the dental clinic.fear-dentist-23 Many times these fears are due to […]

5 tips to know if your dentist is good

At the present time dental clinics and dentists are completely different from what it was a few years ago. The presence of large chains, insurers and the interest of banks and venture capital funds in these clinical models have dynamited the traditional model with aggressive advertisements and methods that are increasingly being implemented in other […]

5 tips to avoid nausea or retching during the visit to the dentist

Nausea or retching are not pleasant sensations. Although they are a natural defense of our body against drowning by a foreign body, they can become a problem when their threshold is too sensitive. The appointment with the dentist is one of those occasions in which a strong sensation of nausea can be an obstacle that […]

5 steps of brushing teeth like at the dentist

Brushing your teeth is essential to maintain good oral hygiene. The brushing should last at least two minutes and be repeated at least twice a day, and ideally after each meal. In order to preserve the gums and tooth enamel, it is also advisable to use fluoride toothpaste without adding water and a soft-bristled toothbrush […]

3 Ideas Received on Brushing Teeth

Good dental hygiene is essential for keeping teeth and gums healthy, but also for protecting your heart and preventing infections. Brushing teeth is therefore a particularly important prevention gesture. But are you sure to proceed in the right way? We propose to twist the neck to 3 received ideas in terms of brushing. You have […]