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Getting your air conditioner repaired is important in Mississippi

Throughout my life I have been lucky to live a few places where the weather was generally so nice that it was not all that important if I had a working AC or not. Now I am living in Mississippi and it is for sure not one of those places that is ok to live without AC. Last year I had my AC break down on me and it was a little over a week until I could get an air conditioner repair crew over to my house. The whole week I ate almost nothing but ice cream and tried to be out of my house for any reason I could possibly come up with. This year I am going to be smarter about it and the first sign I notice of something going wrong with the air conditioner I am going to call up the air conditioner repair team and have them come and take a look at it. I am hoping that since I only got it fixed last summer that everything should be ok but I am still keeping my eyes open just in case something unexpected happens.

God forbid you ever find yourself in a similar position, make sure that you pay attention to the small things with your air conditioning. Sometimes they just stop working for no reason but a lot of the time they start to show some warning signs of going down hill. If you catch some of the signs that the air conditioning might need some work done on it, you can call the air conditioner repair company before you end up like me with no AC in the middle of summer. While most air conditioner repair companies will try and get to you as fast as they possibly can, in such a big city with a lot of people cranking their air conditioner all summer there are bound to be a number of broken air conditioners that everyone is equally as desperate as you are to have it fixed. If you catch some small problems before they become big problems you can hopefully not be in that position yourself.

air conditioning repair Another thing that could help is finding a good air conditioning repair company before you find yourself with a broken air conditioner and panicking. Go ahead and ask your friends and neighbors if they know of any air conditioner repair companies that they have worked with in the past and have any good recommendations for. This can help make sure that you get a good air conditioner repair company that will both do good work as well as do it quickly so that you don’t have to wait for ages with a broken air conditioner. I promise it will be well worth it if something ever comes up and you need your air conditioner fixed right away. When you are drowning in muggy heat it will be worth it to save any amount of time possible and get you back into a livable home.

Call the AC Doctors to repair your heating and AC

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I grew up most of my life not having an air conditioner in the home I lived in. As a kid our options to cool off or to open the window, drink some cold water or maybe to sit in the basement. Now that I am older however I find that it is difficult to live without air conditioning. I get hot very easily and when I am hot and uncomfortable I get irritable. Just ask my husband what my mood is like whenever the air conditioner is turned off on a hot and humid night. Press yet, if you years ago our AC unit broke during the middle of a heat wave. These were some of the hottest temperatures on record and one day we came home from work to our house and it felt like a sauna. I can distinctly remember that day and the first thing I did was rent to the phone and called up a heating and air conditioning repair company. The company I called was  The AC Doctors and they were able to send out a technician to survey the machine that day. It’s pretty incredible to think that they were able to respond that quickly to my problem. Within just a few hours a service man from the company was in our backyard taking the cover off our AC to do some troubleshooting. He found that the fan wasn’t turning because of some ball bearings that had burned out. This was due to years of heavy use and something that happens quite commonly to AC units apparently.

The estimate he gave us was free and since it was so comprehensive and easy to understand we decided to have him come out the following day to fix it. He said that instead of simply just fixing the blades of the AC unit he could perform what he called building science on our house. This is an in depth study to see how the airflow in our house kept us cool or warm. Apparently air conditioning repair only helps so much because if you are having any efficient airflow you may still experience uncomfortable temperatures in your house. We really enjoyed the service man and even made him some lemonade to have while he was working. Watching him use the duct blaster was particularly interesting because it forced air through our fence so he could see where there was leakage. He said that many people were surprised to learn that they had a leak in their ducks which of course means you lose hot air or cold air somewhere that it can’t be felt. I was surprised that AC and heating repair could be so scientific.

Overall I couldn’t have been happier with how quickly The AC Doctors responded to our plight. For anyone that may need air conditioning repair or upgrades I would absolutely recommend you give them a call. When I went on their website I noticed that they also perform something called geothermal heating with ground source pumps. This is basically a procedure where they take the constant and steady temperature of the earth and funnel that into your home to help cool large rooms without using much energy.

Versatility Matters In Heating and Air Conditioning

In the summers in between my college years, I worked as a repairman. We had a huge heating and air conditioning systems that needed constant babying in the sweltering heat of Indiana summers. I was the nanny to these heating and cooling systems. As the in-house repairman, I was able to perform some of the basic repairs and maintenance operations for the heating and cooling system, but it got complicated. Air conditioning repair can be an infinitely complex endeavor, depending on how much precision you want to apply to a given air conditioning unit. Because I was just a college kid trying to make a few bucks in the summers, I was far from an expert. Thus, I became fast friend with the local heating and cooling company in our town. While the industry has two elements in the name (‘heating’ and ‘cooling’), I learned from those summers that it is far more that just two simple things. There are a lot moving parts when it comes to these machines. That is why it is a handy thing to have a good relationship with a heating and cooling company that can do it all. Find a company that is versatile enough to work on any and all heating and cooling systems. You are going to be happy if you find your Jack-of-all-Trades company. Heating and cooling systems are usually lumped together because, from it outside, it seems that they both deal with temperature regulation indoors. And in one way of looking at things, they have some similarities and overlaps. But when you get down into the details, they are quite distinct systems. Even different heating systems function differently. Some use Freon. Some use coils. Some use refrigerant. It can be quite complex. When you find a repair company that has been in the industry for a long time, they will be able to navigate all of the different systems, no matter the model or year. In terms of research and development, we have made huge jumps in terms of understanding how our technology has an impact upon the environment. The way that we used to make cars or run air conditioning units were found to be bad for the environment. While it is a good thing that these discoveries were made, it also means that we changed the way that heating and cooling systems run. That means that just about every year, the design of these systems is tweaked a bit. A versatile repair company ought to be able to understand and fix whatever you throw at them. I know that I certainly had to rely on a versatile company during those summers. Half of our building had been added on to years later. That meant that even on the same building, we had two vastly different heating and cooling systems. But I made it through those summers with the help of a heating and cooling repair company that knew the industry, had years of experience, and understood the technology well enough to navigate even the most confounding dither.

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