"How to Make a Story Bible" with JD Donnelly

Feb 26, 2024

Online event

Join JD Donnelly for a webinar about Book Bibles! Keep track of your worldbuilding, organize your world's magic systems, cultures, rules, politics, and more! 1 hr webinar with a 45 minute presentation and a 15 minute Q&A.

Whether you’re writing a story set in a galaxy far, far away, an enchanted forest, Brooklyn NYC, an ancient dojo, or a far future dystopia, how do you keep track of your characters and worldbuilding? You can make a story bible! A story bible is a tool to help any author organize the aspects of their world-building—the cultures, rules of magic and/or science, weather, politics, ecology, economy, and all other kinds of nitty gritty details—timelines of important plot points and histories, and character interviews and designs in a handy physical or digital body of reference for when you’re fleshing out your later drafts. In this lecture we will talk about how to make or acquire the right kind of book, what kind of materials to use (no drawing skills required—and if you're an artist, GO NUTS), what kind of information to include and how to organize it depending on the kind of story you are writing, and how to use your bible to add layers of depth to your characters and stories.

JD Donnelly was born on a beach where dolphins played, grew up in an enchanted forest filled with deer, and studied Studio Art and Creative Writing at Hollins University, home to many squirrels. In her quest to draw and write about dragons and other fantastic beasts, she graduated top of her class, was inducted into Sigma Tau Delta and Phi Beta Kappa, and joined the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators. Though she works in a variety of mediums, she is happiest when up to her elbows in ink from printmaking. Her etchings, block prints, and scratchboards have been featured in shows and conventions around the country, included in collaborative tarot decks, and have earned many awards and contest prizes, including a full-sized printing press. She is currently working on a Young Adult cryptid-themed story, CryptoZoo, and a Middle Grade dragon-themed story. When not worming her way through piles of books or spending hours making art, writing, and dragon-hunting (to observe, not slay), she designs and sews stuffed animals, makes costumes, watches cartoons, collects fluffy things, and dotes on her wiggly corgi and squishy axolotls. Check out JD's website!

February 26 2024


$10 for members, $15 for non-members

1 hr webinar (45 minute presentation, 15 min Q&A)