Author: Lacy Rudd

LED Screens Enhance School Experience!

I attended a high school that was comparable to the size of a college campus. Where I lived, many people had the means to invest heavily and donate in the school. Sports were huge as to where the theater department was left in the shadows. The whole community loved supporting the high school football team. So much so that even local commercials even featured some of the football players! The screens they used though in the stadium were old though and were hard to see clearly. Eventually the parents pulled together and voted on what would be the next best investment for the school.Led screen

They decided on LED screens for the stadium. One of the moms lead the research into what the best option was an in conclusion decided on LED displays. This would allow the games to be watched clearly from the stands, and even for playbacks to be aired. The screens would be able to be read during the day and at night. The undergoing of construction and labor needed to put up the large screens was not strenuous since the screens came in an assortment of shapes and sizes, and more specifically they could come in LED panels that were light-weight and easily assembled. They were also cost effective because the LED screens did not use nearly as much energy as the old screens. This meant that the school would save on the electricity bill while running the giant screens.

My high-school also held ceremonies on the football field so the screens would be used more than just for the games. It would be another way to help the seniors of the community see what was going on as well. The LED display was purchased and put up in no time. The picture was very clear and everyone was impressed with what a difference it made for game day experience. Eventually due to the number of people moving out to the hill country, the school was due for another expansion and the theater department was getting new facilities. To be included in the new developments was the addition of LED curtains and screens for the theater. These could be used during productions to increase the surreal effects of setting and scene. Whether it be a clear starry night or a dark lightning strewn ocean in which we were trying to displays, the screens could make it all that much more possible.

When guest speakers would visit our school the theater could also be used for their speeches. The LED screens could be used to display picture or quotes to highlight what the speaker was talking. There was even the option to have verbatim what the speaker was saying displayed on the screen. Word of all this high-school had to offer got around fast and made more parents eager to move out to the hill country. Overall LED screens are an affordable and practical investment any school can make to enhance the the learning and overall experience of attending!