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How Industrial Construction Companies Can Go Green

Going green can be beneficial for your business and for the planet that we live in. Simple steps can translate to great effects. Here are the simple ways your company can start your eco friendly efforts.

pipe fabrication

going eco-friendly in a fabrication plant

  1. When not in use, always turn off equipments. No matter what company you have, you are using up energy in one way or another. Whether it is one pipe fabrication equipment on standby or a computer system in the background it is unnecessarily using up energy. Turning these off is good for the environment and helpful for your company’s energy usage too.
  2. Involve everyone in your environmentally conscious efforts. It is not enough for one department or just the upper management to be eco friendly. Environmental concern is not exclusive. Make sure eco friendly measures are observed all throughout your company. Every person counts. The more people that are in the effort, the more encouraged all of your teams will be. Promote team work and mutual accountability to make sure that the measures you are doing remain long term.
  3. Face to face meetings and emails are some of the best ways to communicate. Technology has made much advancement in the way we communicate. Phone meetings, live chats and video conferences are just some of the ways companies talk to one another. Although, these are extremely useful tools, sometimes they can be an unnecessary way to spend energy. Encourage brainstorming and meetings in greener forms. Do face to face meetings when able. Substitute printed notices with email communication.
  4. Every industry, whether you are in industrial construction companies or if you work at a restaurant, needs water to operate. Unfortunately, water is one of the most wasted commodities that companies use. Changing your company’s habits include paying conscious attention to everything you use. This can be as simple as turning the tap completely off after use or using motion sensors in the toilets for water. Every effort counts.
  5. Always use greener products. A usual office has uses paper, folders and other office supplies. It may not always be possible to keep transactions as paperless as possible but always make sure to skimp on paper and other supplies when possible. Also make sure that your office is getting paper supply with the maximum recyclable content. Search for local suppliers so you also save energy that is otherwise spent on shipping. Go green and go local.
  6. Always recycle. You may already be recycling at homes. However, make sure that you extend this habit to your office. Equip your employees with the right resources for recycling. One of the easiest steps is through placing recyclable bins everywhere. Also place recyclable trays for paper that can still be re used. This is not only healthy for the environment; it is also healthy for your company’s trash expense.
  7. Take small steps. The best way to build a habit is to take small but consistent steps. This is true for all organizations whether you are dealing with large industries such as pipe fabricators and glass manufacturers or even if you are small and quaint like a local bakery. Small steps can give you big results.

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Migraine Relief: The Natural Way

Having problems with the chronic headaches such as migraine or cluster headaches might just be a symptom of a more serious problem (such as not having enough sleep, and even depression). Treating it with the medicines prescribed by your doctor might help, but if the chronic headaches are still recurring and persistent (or even if it has reduced its intensity but it still recur), there are natural migraine and headache relief strategies to help abate or reduce the pain or to stop it from recurring altogether.

natural migraine and headache relief

cluster headaches

Reduce toxic food consumption. Other people consume too much caffeine or even alcohol that their body wants to surrender and throw it all away by giving you a headache so you can stop it. Consuming too much caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and other toxins gives your body a sloppy performance at work. Just a little trigger would be enough to get you a good hit of migraine. So, to eliminate this possibility, offer yourself a healthy option by getting rid of lifestyle-related causes of migraines.

However, for women, they might experience migraines or headaches just before getting their period or even during menstruation. This is problematic as it can interrupt daily functioning. But, it still also all boils down to the point of lifestyle being a major cause of bodily problems.  So, to reduce chances of women having migraines before (or during) PMS, they should healthy activities that detoxify their body, and should reduce their consumption of toxic substances: nicotine and alcohol, in particular. This is not just a preventive measure, when a headache strike, automatically reducing the caffeine intake is a natural headache relief.

While different people have different triggers for their migraines, one can see the pattern of these triggers. For example, having observed that riding a long ride from home to work via public transportation gets you dizzy and gets you headaches at night, opt to live in an area near where you are working at to avoid these triggers. It may help also if you consult your doctor about this.

Doing so much work and not relaxing at all is also a very potent cause of migraines and headache problems. The natural way to get all these pain flushed out is by doing self massages that may be a form of natural migraine relief.

In doing this, you allow yourself to be the controller of pain and pressure in your head. Naturally, this would also prompt you to do this as a habit, especially in situation where stress is dominant in your environment. It provides deep relaxation in your scalp and head. You can do this anytime during the day especially when there will be a lot of stressful tasks still yet to be done. Lastly, a scalp massage helps a lot of in regulating many bodily processes. It helps the thyroid, and balance body temperatures, not just prevents chronic headaches or migraines.

Ultimately, it is up to you which migraine relief strategy you will prefer: may it be in the form of massage or in taking in medicines. Just make sure that your doctor knows about your problems and will address these problems properly.


Popular Diamond Ring Settings

When choosing diamond rings, it is helpful to know the different ring settings and how it will affect the ring’s over-all beauty. The setting itself can be the deciding factor for your purchase as much as the 4Cs if pure aesthetics or adornment is your main or sole purpose for the purpose, with no investment component.

The main objective of any ring setting is to help show off the diamond by allowing the maximum amount of light to get captured by the diamond so it will sparkle as much as possible.

Diamond Rings

Designer Engagement Rings

The most popular ring settings one can choose from are:

  • Prong setting;
  • V-prong setting;
  • Bezel setting;
  • Channel setting;
  • Pave setting;

Prong Setting

This setting is most often preferred and used in solitaire settings. The prong setting is best used for diamonds which have lots of sparkle as it puts more emphasis on the stone itself and not the ring metal.

It takes great care to balance between putting the right amount of metal to make the diamond stone secure, but at the same time allow more surface area of the diamond to get exposed to the light for maximum brilliance.

Very thin metal wires of either platinum or gold are used to secure the diamond in its place. Raising the stone high above the shank gives it more prominence in the whole ring setting. This setting is most often used on engagement rings.

V-Prong Setting

A variation of the prong setting is the V-prong setting. It is generally like the prong setting except that the prongs it used appear like a V-shape when viewed from above. This setting is used for Princess Cut stones or pear-shaped diamonds. The V-prong provides protection to the points or corners of those shapes so it will not get chipped. This setting allows maximum exposure to the stone.

Bezel Setting

In a bezel setting, the precious metal wraps around the gem like a collar. The metal sits atop the stone so the whole ring has more height and dimension. If the precious metal wraps around only half or a portion of the diamond, it is called a half bezel.

Half-bezel settings gives the whole ring a modern look and actually looks better when used on stones with fancy cuts.

Channel Setting

Channel settings are used on round diamonds. It is best used for wedding rings, with or without a center stone. In this setting, there are small spaces in between stones especially when the stones are rounded. This setting protects the stones from chipping as the edges are not exposed.

A slight variation of this setting is the bar channel setting. In the bar channel setting, the height of the metal plate is higher than the height of the stone, which can look strikingly beautiful if there is significant contrast between the diamond and the precious metal.

Pave Setting

Imagine a quaint European street covered with cobblestones. That is how a ring with pave setting looks like. The ring surface will be decked with tiny diamonds as if it is paved with it, hence, the name.

In this setting, the stones are placed in a row over small holes that are drilled on the metal ring. It is essential that the stones should be of the same size and should be placed without touching each other. Metal bits are injected into the ring shank to help hold the stones in place. Meticulous care, talent, skill, and experience is demanded from the jeweller when this setting is used.

You will most likely find rings with these settings in almost all jewelry stores.