Please Note Time Change - April 20th 1:30 to 3:30 PM (PT) - Chapter Meeting with Lilly Ghahremani, Co-Founder Full Circle Literary

Apr 20, 2024

Online event

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10 Things No One is Telling Authors and Illustrators How do the latest industry developments and practices affect your creative path? In this session, we’ll talk about what creators need to know about today’s book market, from advances to publication timelines, morality clauses to AI and more. If these phrases aren’t familiar, even more reason to join us! In fact, between the time this description is posted and the day of the talk arrives, much is sure to have changed- so we’ll have lots to discuss! Please bring your questions, as this session will end with a juicy Q+A to help you get the most from it.

Lilly Ghahremani, co-founder Full Circle Literary

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Lilly Ghahremani, co-founder Full Circle Literary

Lilly Ghahremani fell into this dream career in publishing. After graduating from UCLA Law School, she joined a small law firm that, of all things, represented authors. What fun for a bookaholic! While she loved finessing the perfect contract for powerhouse academic authors, she realized she wanted to be part of the bigger life cycle of a book. She and Stefanie Sanchez Von Borstel partnered up and co-founded Full Circle Literary nearly two decades ago. They had at their core the very personal mission to lift marginalized voices (cue Lilly going on and on about the lack of representation of Middle Eastern kids in books when she was growing up). Now a recovering lawyer, Lilly jokes that she uses her powers for good. She enjoys thinking strategically about not only contracts but the longer play of creative productivity and satisfaction for her clients. Lilly represents a wide range of authors and illustrators including Pulitzer Prize and Golden Kite award-winning illustrator Fahmida Azim; Emmy-winning journalist, medical doctor and poet Dr. Seema Yasmin; interfaith storyteller and educator Naaz H. Khan (Room for Everyone); illustrators Andrea Pippins, Susie Ghahremani, Mariam Quraishi and Lili Chin; early childhood and STEAM expert Dr. Rekha Rajan; poet and performance artist Harold Green III and SO many wonderful others. Lilly is a proud graduate of University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Go Blue!), UCLA School of Law (JD), and San Diego State University’s School of Business (MBA). She can be found strolling in the sun, drinking too much coffee at her local coffee shop, driving and singing with the windows down, or reading with her daughter, a bookworm in training. Say hi to her on Instagram/Twitter @Wonderlilly and find out more about her current wish list on the website!