Month: July 2014

All my friends had braces when I was growing up.

BracesIt seems like these days there are some alternative options to having braces to fix your teeth. When I was growing up everyone I knew had braces. In fact, if you didn’t have braces you were the odd one out. I remember that my orthodontist was on the fence about whether or not I should get braces, and I begged him to give them to me so that I could be just like the rest of my friends. We would all coordinate the colors of our rubber bands so that we could match, or we would choose colors based on upcoming holidays. Alternating red and green rubber bands were always popular around Christmas time, and you had to have red and pink rubber bands for Valentine’s Day. For the first year or so that I had braces I viewed them as a fashion accessory; after the first year I started to hate them. Once everyone started to get their braces removed, all I wanted was to get mine off. My mom used to laugh at me because I had begged for braces at first, and once I had them I couldn’t wait to get them off.

I had braces for three and a half years before I got them removed. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I had my appointment early in the morning before school, but not too early that I wouldn’t at least miss my first class. I remember thinking that the only thing I would miss about my braces was that I wouldn’t be able to get out of school anymore with the excuse of having an orthodontist appointment. The removal of my braces was relatively painless, and if it caused me any pain at all I don’t think I cared because I was so excited to see what I looked like without my braces. All of my friends who had already had their braces removed had warned me about how strange and slimy my teeth would feel after having them removed. The strange, slimy feeling only lasted for a day but I remember it very well.

After I had my braces removed I was given a clear retainer to wear on my top teeth to stop them from shifting back to their original place. I also had a permanent metal wire implanted behind my bottom teeth. About two years after having my braces removed the bottom retainer popped off my teeth while I was eating a carmel apple in the parking lot of my high school. I had the retainer replaced but then it popped off again about three years later. I didn’t have another put in but my teeth haven’t shifted at all. I am glad that I had braces, even though I grew to hate them over time. I have been very happy with the end results and am now proud of my smile. Braces may be a pain in the rear end, but they are well worth the time and effort.