Month: April 2014

Migraine Relief: The Natural Way

Having problems with the chronic headaches such as migraine or cluster headaches might just be a symptom of a more serious problem (such as not having enough sleep, and even depression). Treating it with the medicines prescribed by your doctor might help, but if the chronic headaches are still recurring and persistent (or even if it has reduced its intensity but it still recur), there are natural migraine and headache relief strategies to help abate or reduce the pain or to stop it from recurring altogether.

natural migraine and headache relief

cluster headaches

Reduce toxic food consumption. Other people consume too much caffeine or even alcohol that their body wants to surrender and throw it all away by giving you a headache so you can stop it. Consuming too much caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and other toxins gives your body a sloppy performance at work. Just a little trigger would be enough to get you a good hit of migraine. So, to eliminate this possibility, offer yourself a healthy option by getting rid of lifestyle-related causes of migraines.

However, for women, they might experience migraines or headaches just before getting their period or even during menstruation. This is problematic as it can interrupt daily functioning. But, it still also all boils down to the point of lifestyle being a major cause of bodily problems.  So, to reduce chances of women having migraines before (or during) PMS, they should healthy activities that detoxify their body, and should reduce their consumption of toxic substances: nicotine and alcohol, in particular. This is not just a preventive measure, when a headache strike, automatically reducing the caffeine intake is a natural headache relief.

While different people have different triggers for their migraines, one can see the pattern of these triggers. For example, having observed that riding a long ride from home to work via public transportation gets you dizzy and gets you headaches at night, opt to live in an area near where you are working at to avoid these triggers. It may help also if you consult your doctor about this.

Doing so much work and not relaxing at all is also a very potent cause of migraines and headache problems. The natural way to get all these pain flushed out is by doing self massages that may be a form of natural migraine relief.

In doing this, you allow yourself to be the controller of pain and pressure in your head. Naturally, this would also prompt you to do this as a habit, especially in situation where stress is dominant in your environment. It provides deep relaxation in your scalp and head. You can do this anytime during the day especially when there will be a lot of stressful tasks still yet to be done. Lastly, a scalp massage helps a lot of in regulating many bodily processes. It helps the thyroid, and balance body temperatures, not just prevents chronic headaches or migraines.

Ultimately, it is up to you which migraine relief strategy you will prefer: may it be in the form of massage or in taking in medicines. Just make sure that your doctor knows about your problems and will address these problems properly.


An LED screen television makes a great graduation gift

After graduating from college, my parents debated the idea of what to get me as a graduation gift. They had given me a little bit of cash to get started but they were also wanting to buy me an actual gift, and had been waiting to see where I was going to be working and living before doing so. I had told them I was okay with whatever they decided, but what I really wanted was a new flat screen television for my new apartment. I had recently gotten a new job and a place to live, but I had almost no money to buy myself any luxury items or even really decorate my new place. I floated the idea to my sister who promised to subtly pass it along as a hint.

I knew we were on the right track when I was at my parent’s house the following weekend packing up some of my old stuff and I stopped in their office to use their computer for a minute. There was a notepad next to the computer with various phrases such as LED display and certain brand names of televisions and other electronics written down. I knew my parents did not know much about technology and probably wanted to do a fair amount of research before actually buying me a television, but this was definitely a good start in the right direction. I told my sister about it and she promised she would follow up.

It was a few weeks later and I was just settling into my new place. I had moved all of my clothes and childhood items out of my parents’ house and into the small one bedroom apartment I was renting. I had not thrown a housewarming party because it was such a small place and I did not think many people would really fit. But they had asked if they could come over for dinner to see the place and I agreed that it would be a lovely idea. So I was making them dinner when they arrived carrying a huge box that could only be one thing: my new television! I was so excited I stopped cooking and had to rip it open. There it was, a forty six inch LED screen that would fit perfectly in my new living room.

I was so giddy I could not wait to turn it on. I was going to want cable next but in the meantime once we got it set up, I was able to get the local channels. The LED screen was beautiful and the colors were crystal clear and so bright. I was so excited, and it really made my living room a complete package. My parents are the best, and I could not stop thanking them over and over again. They did tell me what they thought was a secret, that my sister had told them what to get, and we all had a good laugh about it. I have since gotten cable and watch it regularly on my amazing television.

LED display