Traumatic injuries to children’s teeth

Traumatic injuries to children’s teeth is as important an issue as cavities. Because of the oral health of the children, both cases require rapid and adequate dental care.

Therefore, specialists advise periodic consultations to the dentist and that the first one is once six months old, when in general the first tooth has already emerged. Cavities are produced by bacterial plaque, a mass of germs that feeds on carbohydrates and attaches to teeth and gums.

The plate metabolizes sugars and produces acids that decalcify the enamel of the tooth, softens the tissues and causes the microorganisms to infiltrate the porous body causing small superficial cavities. When it reaches the dentine, the less hard part of the tooth that is under the enamel, the decay produces pain. And if it is not treated, it advances towards the nervous tissue and the tooth can be lost.