Summer the five enemies of our teeth

The dental implants are always the best option to replace missing teeth. In addition, the survival and permanence rate of the dental implant is higher than that of any other type of prosthesis. The ideal would be to not need them but the forecasts say that only 10 years the use of dental implants will grow 150%. It is a fact that as we live longer we have more chances of losing some of our teeth. In any case, what we can do is try to delay as long as possible and that we can only achieve by following healthy lifestyle habits. That is why we thought that, although we take it for granted, it is worth remembering which the enemies of our mouth are in summer:


The body asks us for refreshing drinks. We spend hours enjoying the summer terraces. And we drink more sugar than we should. 42 grams of sugar is half of what is recommended to eat daily: the same amount as a simple lemon soda!


It is one of the enemies of the enamel of our teeth. And the enamel is the protective barrier against bacterial plaque. Excess chlorine, in addition to altering its coloration, can damage it. It is not a worrying enemy if you do not soak all day.


We cannot be asked to be every day of what we eat. Summer, you know, is about to commit some “sins” at the table. Even with everything, maintain an adequate intake of natural fruits and foods as tasty as beneficial for our teeth.


Staying adequately hydrated is vital to our health. If it is advisable to drink at least a liter and a half of water daily, in summer we should still drink more. Our mouth will appreciate it: saliva helps fight plaque and prevents us from infections.


The enemy by contrast. We are hot and we want cold food and although we do not suffer from a special dental sensitivity, we end up suffering pain. There are specific products to combat tooth sensitivity: the best, ask your dentist of confidence.