Some tips for brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth is a trivial gesture that we practice every day since childhood. This ritual has become so commonplace that we sometimes forget the good gestures to apply to have healthy teeth. It should not be forgotten that passing the brush during the three minutes recommended by the dentist is not enough. A certain technique must be applied to ensure our daily oral hygiene. Easy to apply, the following tips will help you brush your teeth to keep them healthy at all times.

Which toothbrush to use?

Brushing your teeth properly begins with a wise choice of your toothbrush. Using a suitable brush helps clean teeth properly. Here are the tips to apply when choosing your toothbrush.

Favor soft-bristled toothbrushes

Many people prefer hard-toothed toothbrushes because they would clean the teeth better. It is however a received idea. This type of toothbrush often attacks the gums. By using them, we tend to avoid contact with the gums. This reflex reduces the scope of brushing. So choose soft-bristled toothbrushes such as the Philips HX9112 / 02 Platinum Flex Care which, in addition to cleaning the teeth, perform a gentle massage of the gums at the same time.

Use small toothbrushes

The smaller the head size of your toothbrush, the better you will reach the remote parts of your jaw . It should be noted that molars are more prone to attack by dental caries because they are often less well brushed than incisors and canines.

Manual or electric toothbrush?

This question is regularly asked by many people. In general, the electric toothbrush is more effective as you can see in the various articles of our site. The manual toothbrush is just as good if you adopt the right technique. If you have chosen to use an electric toothbrush, consult the best models on the market in our test & review section.

However, if you opt for a manual toothbrush, models with a flexible handle are more manageable. So you can use them more than hard-handled brushes. It is nevertheless a plus since the main criteria of choice will remain the size of the head and the rigidity of the hairs.

What toothpaste to buy?

Using the right toothpaste also helps to take care of your teeth. The rule to follow is to prevent the whole family from using the same tube. Children will have to brush their teeth with a special child toothpaste and as much for adults. Tooth pastes for smokers are recommended for people who smoke cigarettes. These different types of toothpaste are not only differentiated by their tastes and fragrances, but by their fluoride dosage. It is therefore necessary to use the toothpaste whose fluoride dosage is adapted to your age and the state of your teeth.

Brush your teeth from top to bottom

Many people brush their teeth with horizontal movements. This is a mistake to avoid at all costs. Indeed, these horizontal gestures do not allow effective cleaning. The good habit to take is to apply vertical movements from the gums to the ends of the teeth. You will then reach the fine spaces that separate your teeth and evacuate the crumbs of food embedded in it down. Start from one end of your jaw to the other end. Change from time to time which side you start brushing.

Take care of one jaw at a time

The top and bottom teeth should not be brushed at the same time. You have to brush one jaw at a time. If you start with the upper jaw, go through all the teeth of this jaw before moving to the lower one and vice versa. It is also necessary to clean the front face of the teeth before attacking the internal side without forgetting the horizontal faces which shelter a lot of crumbs.

How many minutes does it take to brush one’s teeth?

For effective cleaning, brush your teeth for at least two minutes. The ideal brushing time is three minutes. Be careful not to exceed this brushing time to avoid attacking the enamel of your teeth. Some toothbrushes like the Oral-B PRO 3000 Cross Action are equipped with a stopwatch that helps you to respect this ideal brushing time. After each brushing, do not forget to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.

How often?

Ideally, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day, in the morning, after breakfast and in the evening before sleeping. It is also possible to brush your teeth at noon, after lunch. Brushing the evening is the most important, as sleeping, our mouth dries during sleep, making our teeth more vulnerable. It is therefore necessary to avoid as much as possible to skip it.

After having eaten acidic foods or drinks, it is advisable to wait for about 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. The elimination of acidity will then be more effective. If you cannot wait for this delay for one reason or another, rinse your mouth with water twice before brushing. The water will then decrease the acidity.


Having white, healthy teeth contributes to our daily comfort and also helps to maintain the health of our body in general.