Sleep well and you will have a healthy mouth

It is well known how necessary the eight hours of sleep are for the body to rest, recover strength and function properly body organs. But, how important is sleep in oral health. Its importance is capital since certain complications of oral health are due to poor sleep.

Sleep is a state of rest necessary for the organism and, also, for the health of the mouth. However, sleep disorders are increasingly a problem for thousands of people: it is estimated that one third of the population suffers from some difficulty to sleep well.

Lack of sleep triggers disorders in the mandibular joints that cause muscle contractions and severe headaches, ears or teeth. These disorders, resulting from not sleeping the necessary hours or not resting well, can produce sensitivity in the jaw, besides hindering the ability to chew or open and close the mouth.

In the first place, simple therapies are used as massage exercises on the affected muscles of the mandibular area.

Bruxism, a way to release stress during the night.

Although our body rests, there are certain parts of the body, such as the mouth, whose activity remains intense during the night hours. This is the case of bruxism, one of the most frequent affections during the night and which a good part of the population ignores. It consists of squeezing and / or grinding the teeth unconsciously, an involuntary way of releasing the accumulated stress during the day.

This problem can cause injuries to the denture, caused by the wear to which the teeth are subjected. But it is not the only consequence, since it can trigger headaches and hearing, insomnia and inflammation of the jaw.

An incorrect position of the jaw causes sleep apnea.

Another of the most common problems among those who suffer disorders while they sleep is sleep apnea. This is caused by an obstruction of the airways while sleeping that does not allow air to enter the lungs. When this happens, the person snores or wakes up panting, affecting the quality of their sleep.

As confirmed by vital dent experts, sleep apnea can be caused by a bad position of the jaw. Depending on the cases, orthodontic treatment or maxillofacial surgery will be required. Therefore, before any discomfort detected in the mandibular area, it is advisable to go to the dentist.