My gums with teeth

Why are my gums painful when brushing?

Several possibilities are to be taken into account. You may be suffering only from mouth ulcers, those small superficial ulcers that form on the inner lining of the mouth. In this case, even if sometimes they disappear on their own, it is best to treat them with suitable products, such as creams or mouthwashes. Pains can also be caused by too hard bristles on your toothbrush. Fortunately, the new Sense Ultrathin brush from Oral-B, with its round shape and flexible bristles is soft with gums but lasts against the plate. Ideal for your little worries because the gums are the basis of oral health.

My gums bleed. Is this a fatality?

Not at all, healthy gums do not bleed, even when brushing your teeth. If the bleeding is occasional, it may be due to overly aggressive brushing or to pieces of hard or sharp food between the teeth. Gingival burns from hot foods can also cause bleeding, as can poor oral hygiene. If the bleeding is chronic, it is surely a disease, like gingivitis. Then consult your dentist.

Why do my gums retract?

Gum recession is a widespread problem. The origin of this reduction of gums? Food and drinks too acidic, red wine but also health factors such as diabetes or pregnancy. A traumatic brushing can also be the cause.

Which toothbrush to choose for my gums?

Good oral hygiene is the key to healthy gums. And to brush your teeth according to dentists’ recommendations, there’s nothing like Oral-B electric toothbrushes. With their round brushes, they perfectly fit the shape of your teeth to remove more plaque. In addition, their pressure sensors prevent you from pressing too hard and therefore damage your gums. As for their timers, they let you know when to stop. And for those who demand even more efficiency, the Oral-B Genius electric toothbrush has a position sensor to not forget any area of ​​your mouth and finally brush your teeth as dentists recommend!

Is the choice of my toothpaste important?

Absolutely, it’s even essential, especially if your gums cause you problems! Similarly, it removes 27% more plaque, also prevents the appearance of tartar and protects you from high tooth sensitivity. In two weeks, it helps revitalize the gums and repair enamel . With him, finished all the little problems that ruined your daily life!