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Oral health

We will take a tour of the different evolutionary stages of the mouth of the person, from birth, and highlight some aspects that we usually do not consider when we decide to visit the dentist. The human being is endowed with two dentitions, the milk one and the definitive one, both of which must be […]

Orthodontics, how to choose the right one

80% of the adult population has oral problems. Each year the number of people who come to the orthodontist to correct malformations in the mouth increases. Receiving a quality orthodontic treatment is fundamental for health and well-being and also provides a healthy and beautiful smile. Orthodontics has become a great ally of the oral health […]

Protect yourself from your worst enemies

The idea that good teeth depend exclusively on good dental hygiene is a bit wrong. Other types of care and precautions are required for the teeth, in addition to the prevention and treatment of caries, the care of the health of the gums and orthodontic treatments to correct defects and malformations in the teeth and […]

My gums with teeth

Why are my gums painful when brushing? Several possibilities are to be taken into account. You may be suffering only from mouth ulcers, those small superficial ulcers that form on the inner lining of the mouth. In this case, even if sometimes they disappear on their own, it is best to treat them with suitable […]

Traumatic injuries to children’s teeth

Traumatic injuries to children’s teeth is as important an issue as cavities. Because of the oral health of the children, both cases require rapid and adequate dental care. Therefore, specialists advise periodic consultations to the dentist and that the first one is once six months old, when in general the first tooth has already emerged. […]