5 tips to lose fear of the dentist

Some patients have such a phobia to the dentist that they have not visited it in years, and it is not a child thing. The reasons are mainly panic to the needles, fear that the treatment will hurt or reject the sounds and smells of the dental clinic.fear-dentist-23

Many times these fears are due to an unpleasant experience, usually during childhood. If the people of our environment have had bad experiences we can also be suggestive. For some people, it is an irrational fear, as it can be the terror that some have to certain animals, fear of flying, etc.

Here are some tips to help overcome the anxiety and fear that can cause the visit to the dentist.

Find a comprehensive dentist

Find a professional that mitigates your stress. Establishing a certain bond of affection and trust with your dentist will allow you to tell your fears, and in this way the clinic team will do everything possible to overcome your fears. Ask for advice from people around you who have been through a similar situation.

The first visit.

Before asking for your first appointment, visit the clinic and see what the environment is like. Inform them of your anxiety or phobia so that they keep it in mind for your future visits. During the first visit, you should be able to determine if the dentist is right for you.

Choose an appointment first thing in the morning.

This way you will have less time to accumulate anxiety during the day.

Do not arrive early for your appointment.

Arrive at the right time because in the waiting room you can feel more anxious.

Go to a review and not just in an emergency.

Do not wait for an emergency. Go to your dentist for a review. If you only go to the dentist when you have pain or a serious problem, it is natural that you identify these visits as unpleasant.

During preventive routine check-ups, you can establish a trusting relationship with the clinic team, so that if one day you have an oral health problem, you can face it without fear.