5 tips to avoid nausea or retching during the visit to the dentist

Nausea or retching are not pleasant sensations. Although they are a natural defense of our body against drowning by a foreign body, they can become a problem when their threshold is too sensitive. The appointment with the dentist is one of those occasions in which a strong sensation of nausea can be an obstacle that limits or even prevents oral treatment. Therefore, we give you 5 tips to avoid nausea or retching during the visit to the dentist.

Never take appointments after breakfast or lunch

It is advisable to let a time pass after eating food so that your stomach is empty.

Take a medication to prevent vomiting

There are medications, like Primp ran, that will help you avoid it. Before taking them, consult the leaflet to know the dose according to your age and weight.

You can resort to anesthesia in the soft palate

Area. This area, where the nausea reflex is located, can be desensitized by a spray or rinse. Its effects last about an hour.

Take an anxiolytic

A state of nervousness can increase the feeling of nausea, so an anxiolytic will help us come more relaxed to the appointment with our dentist.

You can opt for monitored sedation

In extreme cases you can perform your oral treatment under monitored sedation, with the supervision of an anesthetist.