Zoe Saunders

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I am an artist and illustrator based in Cheshire, UK. Wife and mother of two, George and Matilda. Chicken enthusiast, dog lover, horse rider... oh let's just say I have a general adoration for anything fluffy!  have a passion for picture books and an ever growing collection that I treasure. I love to read and am drawn towards a dark fairytale novel. I love to work in pen and watercolour and have a cute and whimsical style. I also work digitally and loving the freedom and convenience that it gives, especially when working for self-publishing authors. I aim for a whimsical and traditional feel to my digital work, so that it offers the best of both worlds. I have illustrated numerous books for both self-publishing authors and myself, and also take commissions, have designed logos, pub signs, and characters for packaging. I am happy to work with self-publishing authors, and as well as illustrating, I can also design and format picture books and prepare print-ready files. Making the picture book self-publishing experience simple and stress free. My website is www.whimsicolourart.com



Big Brown Bear - A Sensory Story

Monty and the Land of the Dino Dogs

ABC Is that safe for me

Far Apart Together at Heart

I Love Your Heart and All Your Feeling Parts

Come Fly With Me

Morning Puppa

The Sweetest Season

Honey Harvest

The Lonely Dragon

How to Make a Wish

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