Month: August 2014


There is a misconception that in order to achieve an effective migraine relief you need to spend tons of money visiting doctors and trying out all kinds of different prescription drugs. The fact of the matter is, that although you should see a doctor to get checked up if you are having serious headaches, there are some really simple ways you can achieve natural headache relief and you can do them all by changing a few small things in your daily habits. Below are three steps to beating your migraine.

The first thing you need to do to keep those awful attacks away is get plenty of rest. In a recent study at the state university, researchers found that people who got 7 to 8 hours of rest at night were 20 percent less likely to suffer from headaches. When the human body is lacking sleep it starts to suffer in many ways like; poor concentration, lack of appetite or increase in appetite, as well as mood swings and often times headaches. Try and get natural sleep because taking medications to help you sleep may cause you to develop headaches from the medication. If you have a hard time getting the rest you need try and be more active in the day by taking walks or going to the gym. If that still doesn’t help you fall asleep there are a world of herbal remedies that will help you to sleep soundly. The better you are sleeping the less you will suffer from migraines and other types of headaches.

Get plenty of exercise. It can be pretty hard to find time to go to the gym in this fast paced world but if you suffer from headaches it may be your best bet for relief. Getting a daily work out in will not only strengthen you immune system which will make you body feel better overall, it will also help release the tensions that you build up in your body from day to day. Tension is the headaches best friend. Try and jog for fifteen minutes a day and see what a difference it can make for headache relief. Stretching in the morning before work will also help the body relax and make the tensions disappear. If you work in an office, finding a way to get loose will be especially important.

Staying hydrated will keep you from suffering from attacks of migraines and will also help to lower the intensity of one when it hits. A lot of doctors recommend this to their patients who have reoccurring attacks. The lack of water in the body will give you a headache that can last for hours. Spending long periods in the sun or after a night on the town with a few drink are some of the most common causes of headaches and they are also easily preventable but making sure that you drink 5 to 6 glasses of water a day. A helpful hint is to also try and rink water at room temperature. Most people prefer a glass of ice-cold water, especially on hot days but drinking water at room temperature helps hydrate the body better.

The AC Doctors are a great resource for air conditioner repair.

heating and cooling systemsProperly functioning temperature control systems in your home are necessary for your comfort, especially during the summer and winter months. In Mississippi the summer months can be especially dangerous for young children due to the extreme heat and humidity. The AC Doctors are one of the leading air conditioning and heating repair companies in the state of Mississippi and are prepared to meet any of your air conditioning and heating repair needs with their multiple services. Their technicians have the skills to work with almost any air conditioning or heating system, from installations, to repairs, to basic maintenance. Their customer testimonials speak for themselves and they guarantee excellent service for any of your temperature control needs. Below is a list of the main services that are provided by The AC Doctors.

1. Installation and Upgrades

If you have been suffering through a Mississippi summer without a functioning air conditioning system in your home, it is time for you to call The AC Doctors. The experts at The AC Doctors will work with you to help inform you about the newest and most energy efficient ways to create a higher level of comfort in your home. They can help you to pick the temperature control system that works best for your home and your budget. If you have an air conditioning system that does not seem to be functioning at it’s highest level it is likely that it could be bumping up your energy bill by using more energy than it should need to in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. The AC Doctors can help you to upgrade your temperature control system, which is likely to decrease your energy bill over time with the proper use of a well-functioning system.

2. Geothermal heating and cooling

Geothermal heating and cooling systems pull naturally-occuring heat from the earth’s surface instead of creating it using artificial energy. A geothermal heating and cooling system can increase the energy efficiency of your home and can greatly decrease your monthly energy costs. Geothermal heating and cooling systems are also much easier on the environment because it requires natural energy that comes from the ground instead of energy that has to be created by another system. There are financing options and tax credits available to people who are switching to geothermal heating and cooling systems. If you are interested in learning more about geothermal heating and cooling systems for your home, call The AC Doctors today.

3. Air Conditioner and Heating repairs 

The AC Doctors have the skills and experience to work on almost any type or air conditioning or heating system. Sometimes it may be the case that your air conditioner or heating system does not need to be completely replaced, instead you might just need to replace the fan or repair a small leak. Often times The AC Doctors require only one visit to your home to diagnose and repair your air conditioning or heating system in order to quickly make your living space as comfortable as possible for you and your family.